About Graduate Academics

The School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has the principal responsibility of working in collaboration with the various schools, colleges and institutes to maintain, develop, coordinate and monitor the policies and procedures that govern all graduate programs. 

SGSR Past and Present

The Division of Graduate Studies was established in 1957 and was elevated to the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Continuing Education in 1987. Currently, the school gives high priority to the development of sponsored research and the research interests of individual faculty members.

To aid the development of research and other grant proposals, we provide technical assistance, dissemination of requests for proposals and editorial consultation. In certain instances, we will develop and write grant proposals, and we also maintain contact with private corporations and foundations, as well as local, state and national governmental agencies, in pursuit of support for our research programs.


Graduate Degrees and Programs

Many of FAMU’s schools and colleges offer graduate studies. As of today, we have 29 master's degrees, 3 professional degrees and 12 doctoral programs.

Our Mission and Goals

The SGSR mission of the School of Graduate Studies Research is to work collaboratively with all academic units to educate and train future scholars, teachers, researchers and professionals and to produce knowledge and research in the fields and areas in which they will work.

To carry out this mission, SGSR serves as the chief academic advocate for graduate education at FAMU, and  is responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting, enrolling and retaining domestic and international students
  • Ensuring a well-facilitated graduate admission process
  • Managing graduate tuition waivers, fellowships,  assistantships and scholarships
  • Working with graduate student organizations
  • Promoting, encouraging and supporting graduate student research
  • Helping undergraduates prepare for and gain admittance to graduate school through the Graduate Feeder Scholars’ program
  • Handling processes related to graduate faculty and creating programs that facilitate faculty development
  • Overseeing the dissertation and thesis process
  • Ensuring compliance with all SACS graduate and professional accreditation standards
  • Engaging in the review and approval of new and revised graduate programs
  • Encouraging new program ideas and intellectual pursuits

As you can see from our mission and from work happening in our programs, the SGSR encourages the success of FAMU’s graduate students and the school as a whole.